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Judicial Tyranny in Montana Marches On: Montana Supreme Court Upholds Unconstitutional Law, Effectively Shuts Down Medical Marijuana in State

"Where-ever law ends, tyranny begins, if the law be transgressed to another’s harm; and whosoever in authority exceeds the power given him by the law, and makes use of the force he has under his command, to compass that upon the subject, which the law allows not, ceases in that to be a magistrate; and, acting without authority, may be opposed, as any other man, who by force invades the right of another." - John Locke

A years-long court battle between the STATE OF MONTANA and We the People came to a climax on Thursday when the Montana Supreme Court finally ruled on the 'legality' of a law enacted by the legislature in 2010, which had placed such ludicrous restrictions on the medical marijuana industry that it effectively repealed Montana's voter-enacted medical marijuana program. “District Judge James Reynolds [had] blocked the restrictions as unconstitutional in 2011, and again in 2012, when the state's high court ordered him to use a different standard of review.”(Billings Gazette) 

Not surprisingly, that same high court ruled in favor of the State rather than the People, in a decision which upholds this unconstitutional law, violates the first, fourth amendments & ninth amendments, and utterly disregards the will & the well-being of the People of Montana. The court struck down the most absurd provision in this law – that medical providers could not make money for their services – but most were upheld: “providers can only sell to a maximum of three patients, they cannot advertise, no one on probation can hold a medical marijuana license and state officials can inspect a provider's business without a warrant.”(NBC) Doctors who recommend the drug to more than 25 patients in a year will also be automatically reviewed. 

This is a blatant, overt attack on the free market. The State is sending a message to the People: 'We're not banning medical marijuana - We'll even let you run a business selling it... But if you do, you are limited to three clients, you may not advertise, we will violate your fourth amendment rights at any time for any reason; and if you are on probation, we revoke your right to, and will deny access to your medicine!' Now imagine if these sorts of limits were placed on any of the truly HARMFUL, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE & DEADLY LEGAL FDA APPROVED PRESCRIPTION DRUGS (the leading cause of death by drug overdose) or the doctors prescribing them. Imagine pharmaceutical companies banned from advertising, pharmacies limited to filling prescriptions for only 3 patients per drug at a time, and doctors who are risking their medical license if they prescribe any single medication to more than 25 patients in a year. The AMA, FDA, Big Pharma, elected officials, and hundreds of thousands of people would be up in arms overnight!

Why isn't the State banning all the big pharmaceutical companies from advertising all their dangerous & highly addictive manufactured poisons, but must restrict alternative natural medicines out of existence? It is because a group of oligarch families - elite international bankers - have systematically and effectively eliminated competition under the deceptive guise of a free enterprise system, with Big Pharma & the FDA actively participating in the perpetration of this criminal conspiracy - this mass deception standing in opposition to both a free market as well as free & healthy citizens.

On Thursday, there were dozens of successful small businesses (medical marijuana dispensaries) and hundreds of honest, peaceful Montanans making a living in a thriving industry which is providing safe and legal high-quality medical marijuana to patients, as well as many jobs in a flailing economy. Today, those prosperous businesses have become 'illegal' and dispensary owners across the state are announcing going out of business discount sales, voicing their intention to close up shop once their inventory runs out. There will be about two weeks before this ruling is officially filed, and will legally take effect.

As things stand now, hundreds of Montanans will soon be without jobs, while thousands of patients will be unable to get their medicine unless they grow their own plants or are willing to revert to the 'black market'. And while this blatant attack on the free market and the Rights of the People will do nothing to stop marijuana use by recreational users and many of the thousands of medical card-holders, it will most definitely hinder the only patients whom both the State & the People recognize as those who truly NEED it, from access to their medicine. Like always, it is especially the weak, the sick, the poor, and the disadvantaged who are most victimized by the oppressive acts of our corrupt government.

The high court of Montana – by the decision of only six men (in a 6-1 vote with only one justice dissenting), and with the approval of the Attorney General's Office – has given legal authorization to the entire State and all its agencies (the police and courts) to harass, rob and jail countless more peaceful & law-abiding citizens throughout Montana. They have been given the power to charge even more nonviolent 'criminals' as felons than they already do.

"The only complete dissent came from Justice Mike Wheat, who said the state went too far in curbing alleged abuses of the law and had restricted patients' access to marijuana so severely that it "ultimately destroys the law's purpose."" - KTVQ

"Twenty-three states now have medical marijuana or recreational use laws, and we are making it so difficult that only well-to-do people can find providers," Jim Goetz, the plaintiff's attorney said. "Yesterday, there were 23 states providing for either full recreational use or medical use of marijuana - Today, we have 22½." - NBC, AP
Those who ignore the court's ruling or engage in acts of civil disobedience and continue to provide marijuana to more than three patients will be viewed as criminals by the State. The Attorney General's Office of Tim Fox applauds this willful disregard for the law, and for the interests and intentions of the People voiced by a considerable majority of voters (62%) in 2004. According to NBC, Spokesman John Barnes said, "The Attorney General's Office is grateful to the justices for upholding the rule of law in recognizing it's the legislature's rightful purview to set state policy on this issue." Tim Fox apparently believes that it is the State's rightful purview to override the will and rights of the People. And this is what his office describes as upholding the rule-of-law? Recognizing that our elected public servants know better than WE the People, what is best for WE the People? That is simply the recognition of tyranny and denial of individual liberty.

Further, Tim Fox has so far been unwilling to approve a ballot for signature gathering which would demand that the 2011 law be repealed, while at the same time allowing an initiative which would repeal the 2004 voter initiative and fully criminalize medical marijuana in Montana again. And yet there are also two other approved initiatives already collecting signatures, which would allow Montanans to vote for the complete legalization of adult recreational marijuana use for the first time. In their latest actions, the Montana Department of (In)Justice may have actually just unwittingly provided all that was needed to cause the outrage necessary to get this issue on the ballot. Citizens across the state are rightfully outraged at these actions and speaking out about it. Both yesterday and today there was a demonstration in Billings at Rimrock Auto, owned by Steve Zawala, who runs this anti-freedom organization/website engaging in GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA and DECEPTION.

"If they won't give us medical, let's give them recreational," the marijuana advocates are now saying. Legalization is already here in this country, and it is coming to Montana. America is waking up to the government lies surrounding marijuana prohibition, the war on drugs, and the prison industrial complex. It is a proven fact that there are legitimate medical uses for marijuana, and yet there are people in this State (like Steve Zawala) who believe they have the right to force their morality on you and me at gunpoint, and who are willing to spend their time and energy to try and make a natural plant illegal and to keep seriously ill patients from their medication of choice, a flower. How long will our corrupt Montana government and all their minions be able to keep their grip on this web of deception and oppression? Because it's not just about cannabis. The tyranny & corruption within the Montana Department of (In)Justice extend far beyond the issues of medical marijuana and the ninth and tenth amendments. Listen to just two victims of this corrupt, evil system:

The State of Montana is acting completely outside of law and the constitution of the United States of America and this is not the first time.
The State of Montana does this SAME THING, this same way to any blogger who dares to expose corruption in the State of Montana.
Blogging is a constitutionally protected activity, yet Montana courts uses unconstitutional protective orders to shut down blogs, stop tweet and STOP the flow of information online that reports on corruption in Government in the State of Montana.”
(via Hamilton Montana News)
It is all part of a program at the University of Montana and other Universities to pay Bloggers to harass Whistleblowers and to Retaliate in the EXTREME to try and SHUT us UP, Jail Us, ruin our lives, set us up for crimes, ruin our family connections and businesses and ALL to Protect Corruption in Montana. Corrupt Judges, Cops, Attorneys, Governors, Commissioners, Senators and to protect the University of Montana and their blatant ignoring RAPE and other crimes committed by people under their watch or paid by them.”- Crystal L. Cox, independent journalist exposing Montana corruption

I have been producing and directing a documentary film (Lawless America). … The Movie is all about exposing the fact that we now live in Lawless America. We no longer have laws that are enforced because judges do whatever they want to do. America has also become lawless because government officials are dishonest and/or corrupt.
The State of Montana has filed five criminal charges against me for allegedly sending a Tweet, publishing the name of the would-be killer (S*** B******)1 four times, sending a legal notice email to a University of Montana attorney, and filming the movie and the pilot for a TV show that will expose Montana as the most corrupt state in the country.” - Bill Windsor, held 134 days behind bars while unlawfully being denied reasonable bail, which at its highest was set at over one million, all for a tweet he allegedly posted and because of corrupt Montana Judges hell-bent on silencing the truth.

(1. On 4/26/16, I was threatened by a "John Moses Browning" for including this name in the quote, just as it appeared in the source I was quoting. Since I am unable to verify the accusations of Bill Windsor, I am removing the name as requested - 5/25/16.)

The story of Bill Windsor really has nothing to do with the story of medical marijuana in Montana, and at the same time both these sagas have absolutely everything to do with each other, as they both tell the same story – the story of a corrupt & tyrannical power-hungry government, protected by the CORRUPT Montana Department of INjustice currently headed by Attorney General Tim Fox. In mid-February, Bill Windsor appealed to Tim Fox for help in exposing this corruption, and finished that letter by saying, “Please investigate. Please don't be yet another corrupt elected official.”

Based on the Attorney General's response/statement regarding the unconstitutional ruling by the Supreme Court on Thursday, we can only hope that he will stop protecting this corrupt and tyrannical INjustice system. We certainly can't expect it. Tim Fox: Will you come to the aid of this brave American, who is standing up for thousands more of these innocent victims of this corrupt system all across America, or are you just another corrupt elected official? Tim Fox: How much tyranny are you willing to protect, and how many lives are you willing to allow to be destroyed by protecting this corruption, and by supporting the recent unconstitutional and oppressive ruling by the Supreme Court?

Both the federal prohibition of marijuana and the ensuing war on drugs were built upon a mountain of lies, and the only things they have accomplished in taking away are the rights, property & lives of peaceful Americans – not drugs or crime; while for-profit prisons continue to fill up with the victims of this oppressive system: The innocent, political prisoners, and all the nonviolent 'criminals' who don't pose a threat to anyone. There is a much bigger picture here and it isn't about marijuana, but about Rights – about State's Rights and about the People's Rights – about the ninth and tenth amendments of the Constitution – about the supreme law of the land – about standing up for justice, peace, and the rule of law in a Lawless America run by a Criminal Government. It is time to raise our voices in unity against this system of injustice:

"Your corruption is like a cancer growing inside. You owe the world an apology. You've been taught all your life that truth is easy to hide. You'll face you're judgement another day, and suffer eternally. ... Justice fails again in the masquerade. Has the whole world become insane?" - Disturbed, Innocent

To anyone who opposes the legalization of recreational marijuana in Montana, or supports the prohibition of marijuana for even medical purposes; I challenge you to look at the facts, the history, the victims, and the fundamental immorality of marijuana prohibition & the federal “war on drugs” - available at the links below. 

Let us cast off the lies and misinformation, the government and media insanity, and start listening to voices of reason. We need to stop allowing the media to divide us and unite in opposition to the real criminals, and in defense of justice. In the spirit of John Locke, I leave you with the words of Ron Paul, a true voice of reason in this world of madness.

The drug war encourages violence. Government violence against nonviolent users is notorious and has led to the unnecessary prison overpopulation. Innocent taxpayers are forced to pay for all this so-called justice."
We have promoted a foolish and very expensive domestic war on drugs for more than 30 years. It has done no good whatsoever.”

Causes of Death in America (2010 data, unless otherwise noted): 
AUTOMOBILE (car accidents) (2014)  (LEGAL) - 35,369 
TOBACCO                                              (LEGAL) - >480,000/yr
ALCOHOL                                              (LEGAL) - 25,692

DRUG OVERDOSE TOTAL                              - 38,329
HEROIN  OVERDOSE (2014)          (ILLEGAL) - 10,574 (22%, out of 47,055 total in 2014)
MARIJUANA OVERDOSE                (ILLEGAL) - ZERO   (0%)

ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS (2000)        (ILLEGAL) - 17,000
HOMICIDE   (2014)                          (ILLEGAL) -16,121
SUICIDE                                   (not prosecuted)  - 38,364!
CIVILIANS KILLED BY COPS 2001-2013         - 5,000 / 12 yrs
CIVILIAN KILLED BY COPS 2013-2015           - 3,082 /  3 yrs
- 2013                                                    - 772
- 2014                                                    - 1,105
- 2015                                                    - 1,205


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Attorney for 32 y/o accused man, "noted that Warburton successfully completed a deferred sentence on his previous drug conviction and it has been erased from his record. She added that Warburton has a family, owns his own landscaping company and is active in the community."

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Author: Jason Hall - Bozeman Montana. 
I am a truth-seeker who is dedicated to liberty and justice for all, who opposes tyranny and criminal government at all levels, doing what I can to take a stand for freedom. 

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